2018: the best victory is not a victory

The 2018 season is one which I will not easy forget. Looking at the results and how I felt it was one of the worst seasons I have ever had, but at the same time it was one of the best years in life!! After the Cape Epic I thought I could recover from the overtraining fast and keep on riding my season as planned. That didn’t happen. If you know me, you know I could not really sit still eiter. I had to do something, I had to go out, ride my bike and explore! Instead of racing, I went on the best mountainbike trips with friends and got to experience that riding (and sometimes hiking) my bike has so much more to offer than just racing. Also I went climbing and hiking and was enjoying life!! Some of these experiences would have never taken place if I was fit enough to race. My plan B turned out to give me new energy and ideas for the future!! And I loved it!

More than half a year later I can tell that I feel fit and good again! Very good!!! That feeling when you are pushing yourself to the limit and when it still feels good. That was totally gone, for months! I seriously thought this was not coming back anymore and racing my bike was history. But now, feeling good, I feel that I am not done yet. I will follow my own way now and I’m looking forward to 2019!! Going the Hielke way :-)

These pictures are telling the story of 2018. There were so many moments which gave me so much energy. I’ll keep on looking for that. Both on and off my bike. Adventure, moments, moutainpeaks… good times… looking forward to all what comes!! The best victory turns out not be a victory. #lovetheride

Thanks so much to all of you! Especially the Maloja - Rocky Mountain team, all the sponsors and Planting Power for your support!!