oh oh, update!!!

Way too long no update here I just realised. Sharing a lot on facebook and instagram makes me forget about my website a little bit. :)

I am on altitude trainingcamp right now. Actually it is more like a holiday trainingcamp. It feels like holiday for sure. :) Super nice rides, great trails, amazing mountains and good italian food! We are staying on a mountainpass at 2250m. Passo del Foscagno, not far from Livigno. 

When going on altitude, then maybe do it smart and good. That's what we thougt. So there were a few things where we wanted to pay attention too, after some interesting articles and of course also the words of my coach. :) 

These things we think are important: you want to stay about 400 hours at 2200/2300m, sleep high and train low (as far as this is possible), take it really easy the first 3 to 4 days, pay attention to your diet (iron, red beet juice :-) and drink enough water). Recovery takes more time and hard trainingloads will exhaust your body more. I think these are the major points...

So far it is really nice! These mountains are really inspiring and they offer great possibilities for training. On the road it is a little harder because you cannot really make good loops, only if you want to go for 6 hours or so. So we end up riding the same way back, where I don't have a problem with. Mountainbiking gives you more freedom here, because there are a lot of trails to choose from, and there is a nice bikepark in Livigno. 

I hope to react good on these weeks, so that I will have a good second half of the season. Some super nice and hard races are on the program. Starting with Ischgl Ironbike, Trans Schwarzwald, Grand Raid. 

Then I will go to Norway to race the Birkenbeiner and then Skaidi Extreme, all the way up to the Northern Cape. Super excited to do this one!!! 

Then Swiss Epic and 2 weeks later Dutch national championships marathon. So.. I will give my very best!